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La touche audio

La touche audio dans English remotecontrol_dvd_dm800

Le saviez vous ? La TNT vous permet, à travers votre vieille télé, de voir certains films étrangers en version originale. Il suffit d’appuyer sur la touche audio puis de sélectionner la langue désirée si elle est proposée. Les meilleurs programmes télés (Télérama) mettent un petit VM (Version Multilingue) devant les films concernés. La touche TEXT ou SUB permet d’avoir le sous titrage en Français. Tout cela ne fait pas de mal dans nos régions un peu monolinguales ! Have a nice day.

Nadjmuddin bis

Image de prévisualisation YouTube Image de prévisualisation YouTube

(Après 4 minutes)

J’ai déjà parlé de Nadjmuddin. Deux autres vidéos (in english) sur cet homme formidable avec qui j’ai eu le plaisir de travailler pendant presque deux ans.

Koha ecole de langues et sejours linguistiques

Koha ecole de langues et sejours linguistiques dans English coussin-drapeau-anglais-god-save-the-queen-fleux

You want to study english while you are confortably  sitted on your sofa in Mens ? =>

Le glutton

Chacun a pu admirer le Glutton, magnifique tricycle avaleur de crottes, officiant dans les rues de Mens ou se rechargeant sagement dans l’entrée de la mairie. M’sieur le secrétaire général de la commune s’est fait l’écho de cette merveilleuse acquisition de nos élus dans le dernier Trait d’Union Mensois.

Une petite vidéo sur l’appareil et son inventeur

The glutton (in english)

Le bon bulletin de vote

Le bon bulletin de vote dans 2012-législatives/ rad1845A

Il sera présent dans tous les bureaux de vote de la 4ème circonscription de l’Isère le 10 juin… et peut être le 17 !


Lettre à Asma


Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Une belle histoire pour Noel… In English !

Quinze ans

On célébrait il y a quelques jours, à Genève et en Tchétchénie, le quinzième anniversaire du massacre L’hopital CICR de Novye Atagi

Ci dessous, un texte en Anglais pour se souvenir…

Quinze ans dans English rad4C09A

Remembrance Day: time passes, memory stays

Today, colleagues are lighting candles and laying flowers at the Remembrance Garden of the ICRC’s headquarters in Geneva to commemorate the killing of six of our own in the Chechen village of Novye Atagi fifteen years ago. It has become the Day of Remembrance for all ICRC staff who have died on mission or on duty.

« What happened in Novye Atagi was one of the most tragic events in the history of the ICRC, » says Pascale Meige Wagner, head of operations for Eastern Europe and Central Asia. « The quiet contemplation observed each year on this day is part of a long and difficult healing process. »

In the early morning hours of 17 December 1996, Fernanda Calado (the hospital’s head nurse), Hans Elkerbout (a construction technician, from the Netherlands Red Cross), IngebjØrg Foss (a nurse from the Norwegian Red Cross), Nancy Malloy (a medical administrator from the Canadian Red Cross Society), Gunnhild Myklebust (a nurse from the Norwegian Red Cross), and Sheryl Thayer (a nurse from the New Zealand Red Cross) were murdered in their bedrooms by unidentified gunmen. Our colleague Christoph Hensch, the ICRC head of office, was wounded, but survived the attack.

For the ICRC, Novye Atagi became the symbol of a new era of humanitarian action, in which humanitarian workers themselves have become potential targets.

OCHA estimates that at least 100 humanitarians get killed every year. The ICRC has not been spared; we have lost 28 colleagues since 2,000, national and international staff combined. That is against the backdrop of a significant expansion of our ‘operational surface’ in the world’s most dangerous countries.

The institution takes all the measures it can to keep risks to a minimum whilst discharging its humanitarian mandate. Each death is a tragedy, however, for both the victims’ colleagues and their families.

« The fact that the ICRC commemorates its dead means a lot to me », says Sophie Maurice, daughter of Frédéric Maurice, who died in shelling as he led a humanitarian convoy through Sarajevo in 1992. « It means that the institution does not forget. The ICRC acknowledges the risks taken and the sacrifices made by its staff and their families for its humanitarian mission. »

rad3DEBE dans Massacre de Novye atagi

The ICRC hospital in Novye Atagi had opened just three months and a half before the attack. Its staff had already received over 300 patients, conducted about 600 surgical operations and provided more than 1,700 medical consultations.

« It was a terrible blow not only for the families of our assassinated colleagues but also for all the villagers and all the Chechens, » says Aina Shaikhidova, who used to work as an administrator at the hospital.

Despite the ICRC’s relentless efforts to shed light on the causes and circumstances of the incident, the investigation did not lead anywhere and was eventually suspended in 2011.

« We have never stopped and will never stop our efforts to obtain information on the tragedy, » says Pascale Meige Wagner. « This is our responsibility vis-à-vis all of our colleagues assassinated in Novye Atagi and especially their families. »

Commemorations are held each year, not only at headquarters but also in Chechnya and Moscow.

« The memories of your beloved ones are still vivid among us! », say our staff in Chechnya to the victims’ families in a joint letter. « Their commitment and energy, patience and good nature, conscientiousness, care and kindness were really an example and will always remain in our hearts. »

Although today commemorates the deaths of those six brave men and women who accepted to go to Chechnya in 1996 despite the dangers because they were needed, it also honours the memory of all our colleagues who dedicated, and lost, their lives to helping others.

Sébastien Brack and Vassili Fadeev

Mon copain Alberto

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

A Kaboul depuis plus de 20 ans !



Arnaque !

Ou comment mon pauvre père a manqué de se faire dépouiller d’une jolie somme. A lire de bas en haut.
Arnaque ! dans English arnaque
De : Stimulo
Date : 29 novembre 2011 15:31:25 HNEC
Objet : Réexp : My awful trip!!!


Début du message réexpédié :


Date : 29 novembre 2011 15:05:40 HNEC
Objet : Rép : My awful trip!!!

Glad you reply back, I have nothing left on me right now. I offered to pay with a friend credit card but the hotel manager insist they don’t accept third party credit card from outside United Kingdom.All I need now is $1,180 you can have it wired to my name via Western Union. I will show my passport as ID to pick it up here and I promise to pay back as soon as I get back home. Here’s my info below.

Name: Serge B.
State: London E6 1PY,
Country: United Kingdom

Kindly get back to me with the confirmation number as soon as is done. Let me know if you are heading to the western union outlet now.

—–Original Message—–
From: Stimulo
To: Serge B
Sent: Tue, Nov 29, 2011 2:54 am
Subject: Re: My awful trip!!!

If you want I can make a bank transfer to settle your bill or pay with my credit card . this is easy

Europe is becoming more and more dangerous –  the relative good thing is that you were not physically damaged
Le 29 nov. 2011 à 10:10, B. Serge a écrit :

I’m writing  this with tears in my eyes, I came down too London,United-Kingdom for a  short vacation unfortunately i was mugged at the park on my way to hotel where i lodged, all cash,credit card and cell were stolen from me but luckily for me i still have my passports with me.

I’ve been to the embassy and the Police here but they’re not helping issues at all and my flight leaves shortly from now but am having problems settling the hotel bills and the hotel  manager won’t let me leave until i settle the bills.

I’m freaked out at the moment, I need help



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